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Teddy Bear Club International


Never miss an issue of Teddybear Club International; why not have it delivered to your inbox before it is even out in the shops? The iMag is the latest in technology; the new digital format means for less than 2 an issue you can read Teddybear virtually the minute it's printed. * You will see every page, exactly the way it appears in the printed version. * The unique page-turning software means you can flick through the pages using your computer mouse, and zoom in to read them. * A 'search' button enables you to quickly find articles of interest. Then you can even print off your favourite pages and read them over a cup of coffee and file away under categories. * As well as getting each new issue, you also get access to our back catalogue of previous issues from the past year, and old issues are being added all the time! It's an eco-friendly, user-friendly and purse-friendly way of receiving Teddy Bear Club International each month!

Publisher Detail:

Name: The Ashdown Alchemy
Address: Ancient Lights 19 River Road
Phone: +44 (0) 1903 884988
Fax: +44 (0) 1903 885514

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