Online Magic Show – Pros & Cons

With crying babies and kids screaming for food, it is indeed difficult to enjoy a magic show. The magician practices a lot and works on tricks that could make you go ‘Wow. How did that happen?’ A lot goes into organising or performing at a magic show. Especially when it’s life. However, it has its own pros and cons. The Online Magic shows are something a class apart and have their own pros and cons. Some of which I have discussed in this article.


Pros Online Magic Show

1. Cost Friendly

Virtual magic shows cost much less. Since the cost of setting up a stage and using on stage equipment is gone, the price of the tickets is cheaper and more affordable.

2. Easy Purchase

Since everything is being done virtually the purchase of the tickets is also done online. This method is much easier and cheaper. You don’t have to make payments in cash or swipe a card to make a payment.

3. Convenience

The location of the virtual event. When and where to perform. A magician could perform locally at a kids birthday party or at a wedding virtually, the only requirement is good internet access and a connected device.


Cons of Online Magic Show

1. Restriction on performance

Magicians may face some questions due to the event being online. The audience might not be completely satisfied due to the restriction on the camera angle. You might think you are being cheated and there is no magic trick there.

2. Cheap Camera tricks

Some magicians, especially thrones that you get for cheap, might use camera tricks to make it look like magic. Changing camera angles and consistently trying to avoid clear views might make you think they are doing a trick but they might be merely fooling you in other ways.

3. Excessive Dependence on technology

The dependency on technology is good only to an extent. To attend a virtual magic show you need an electronic device with an internet connection. If due for some reason you are not connected to the internet or your device goes off, your event night is ruined.

Final Thoughts

I listed down a few of the pros and cons of attending an online magic show. In my opinion, a live show is always better. However, it is advisable to attend online magic shows if you are planning Zoom party entertainment. Considering the ongoing pandemic and its impact on the world, it is best advised to stay home.

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