Off-site SEO – Link building, social media marketing, social media bookmarking

Off-site SEO

What is an off-page activity in SEO?

Off-Page is the Process of optimizing your website or web pages outside your site by getting links back to it as the only thing you can do outside of your site to build backlinks to it. Backlinks are related to off-page activities.

Backlinks will act as the vote of your content blog. If you give more back for your website that will help to increase the traffic of your website and help to get rank on the Google search engine result page.

Link building

Social Media On Off-Page SEO

Link building is nothing but building the backlinks for your website or web page from other blogs or other websites. Link building is the process of securing links on the website back to your own website or a client’s website. When you are building a link on your website that should be relevant. Link build is mostly helpful for getting traffic for your website.

Link building refers to the marketing efforts to links from the different sites to your sites. It is one of the most popular things to achieve a high ranking for your website in search engines. Google will see the quality links first, if you are linking to high authority sites your page will easily get rank in the Google search engine.

Social media marketing

Social bookmarking

Social media is one of the biggest platforms for business people for marketing their products. Business people were mostly sharing their website on social media like Tube, Facebook, Instagram, etc., If you share your website on social media you can able to get more visitors for your website. Some businesspeople were used social media for increasing awareness about their brand name, others use it for getting traffic and sell their product.

Social media help you to generate your brand awareness, serve as a customer support channel for your customer, and create community. You can able to get the targeted audience for your all website. The main thing is, you have to plan and publish your website on social media. Publishing the content in social media is a very simple thing but that will increase the views for your website. When you have more funds to grow your marketing in social media, an area that you can consider is social media advertising.

Social media bookmarking

What is off page activity in SEO

Social bookmarking sites are the websites on which internet users share their website or webpage, blog post, articles, images, and videos. There are many advantages to submitting your content to one or more these websites. They will increase your brand awareness.

  • Ability to find related content that allows you to build high authority on social pages your website blog.
  • Access to high domain authority backlinks for your sites to boost your presence on the search engine result pages.

The social bookmarking website allows users to access the bookmark online from your device, at any time. Some of the bookmarking sites are

  • Pocket
  • Digg
  • Pinterest
  • Mix
  • it
  • Medium

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