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If you want to ensure your brand’s popularity online, a great PPC campaign is an absolute necessity. In most cases, this means crafting the best possible marketing efforts with Google Ads. However, there are plenty of different things that you need to keep in mind while working on this sort of campaign, which is mentioned below so read on.

Ensure Landing Page Relevancy

When it comes to ensuring the success of your Google Ads campaign, you need to avoid some of the more common pitfalls, like solely focusing on the technicalities and not giving enough attention to the success of your sales funnel.

In other words, campaigns based on paid clicks entail a lot of fiddling, testing different versions of your ad copy, crafting the perfect bids, pouring over various PPC ad networks, etc.

Considering that, it is easy enough to forget what the entire purpose of this endeavour is. To be more precise, you want to get people to land on your website, interact with your company, and make a purchase.

But in this crucial part of the lead conversion process, PPC can only help you up to a point. Yes, using PPC to speed up the sales process provides you with a quick way to lead people towards your website.

But once a PPC campaign gives you leads, the content on your website is essential for converting them. 

With all of this in mind, know that you will have to optimize the landing page of your website to facilitate maximum PPC conversions. To be more precise, the message, tone, and voice of your landing page must align perfectly with what you are conveying in the PPC ads.

You should optimise your landing pages for PPC conversions by making the message of your ads align with your landing page message. You must maintain consistency within:

  1. The copy
  2. The keywords
  3. The call to action

Following this simple rule will net you a lot more conversions than you would otherwise hope for and reduce bounce rates. Conversely, people are a lot more prone to leaving a website immediately if its content is in collision with what the PPC ad promised.

Utilize Negative Keywords

When it comes to the most important tips for your Google Ads campaign, we would be remiss not to tell you this: make sure you use negative keywords. As we have said, a PPC campaign like Google Ads can be essential in providing your website with the best possible leads. And if you utilize negative keywords as well, you will be able to lower your bounce rate and increase conversions even more.

This feature is self-explanatory — it allows you to tell the Google Ads platform, which specific keywords do not represent a good match for your service or product.

And do not underestimate this: fine-tuning the target audience that reaches your website via PPC will mean that you can simultaneously increase your revenue and lower costs.

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Use negative keywords to save as much money in your PPC budget as you can!

How? Well, each PPC campaign has a specific budget. After all, you are paying for every click that goes to your website. Considering this, you do not want to waste any money on people who will not actually buy anything. Instead, you can use the negative keywords feature to ensure that no-one who is not a prospective lead will see your marketing campaign.

However, you must take great care while using this feature. Apart from regular keyword research, this will take some more deliberation and thinking, you do not want to include a niche keyword that will eliminate some potential paying customers along with the cold leads.

Do not waste Opportunities with Ad Extensions

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Use every possible ad extension you find to be applicable!

Many PPC campaigns and their managers put the most focus on the description, paths, and various headlines that appear with the main advertisement. However, you should not ignore ad extensions; from the customers’ perspective, these represent a crucial part of their browsing experience. You can use some of the ad extensions below for a sizable campaign boost:

  • Location ad extensions: For local mom-and-pop businesses, this type of extension can be particularly useful. You can link the Google Ads profile to a Google My Business profile, allowing the former to pull all kinds of helpful business information from the latter. For instance, this will enable your customers to see your contact information and address right in the PPC ads.
  • Structured snippets: These snippets allow you to tailor your Google Ads campaign to be more informative. Depending on your particular category, you can use such snippets to give more useful information about your product or service offers in your ads.

Geotargeting is Essential

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Geotargeting is essential for the success of any PPC campaign!

One of the best things about the Internet is the fact that you have access to a global audience. That being said, in most cases, the businesses that advertise via Google Ads campaigns usually serve a specific customer base in one location, that’s mostly true for small businesses that should also list on local business directories such as London business directories.

In that situation, you can increase your Google Ads campaign’s cost-effectiveness by geotargeting and focusing on a more specific locale. If you want to do that, look at your current digital marketing metrics. Find the areas where you have already got the most user engagement, and then prioritize spending for ads there.

In the case of many service-based businesses, it’s usually smart to optimize for the area surrounding your business location.

When it comes to law practices, hotels, or dentists, the physical location of the business is the center of your service area as well. However, depending on your niche, it may not be limited in such away.

Naturally, a business selling winter clothes and equipment will not have much luck in California and Florida, regardless of how much money you put into a PPC campaign. On the other hand, you can research places that are expected to have a major cold front in the coming days and try to target the people there.

You will find that there’s a lot of money to be saved and a lot of money to be made if you ensure that the right people in the proper locations are the only ones who see your PPC ads!

Author Bio: Nathaniel Johnson is a PPC marketing specialist, and a freelance author. When he is not working with niche digital marketing companies like Movers Development, he enjoys long rural hikes and good scotch.

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