Can you travel to Spain without taking a PCR test?

Can you travel to Spain without taking a PCR test

Spain was, at one point, one of the hardest-hit countries in Europe by the coronavirus crisis, with extended lockdowns and a national state of emergency declared. Here we discuss you can travel to Spain without PCR test.

Now, however, as we approach (hopefully) the end of the Covid-19 pandemic, Spain, its territories, and the rest of the continent are beginning to re-open to foreign travellers and tourists.

But what are the current rules (summer 2021) for those wanting to make the journey? Read on…

Quarantining upon return to the UK

Quarantining upon return to the UK -  travel to Spain without PCR testSpain, the Balearic Islands, and the Canary Islands are all currently on the UK Government’s ‘Amber List’ for British travellers. This means that anyone travelling through or from these Spanish territories must isolate for 10 days — at home or in a designated hotel — and take PCR tests on days 2 and 8 of their return to confirm their viral status. These tests are not to be NHS supplied and must be purchased privately. Travellers can choose to take an extra test on day 5 that, if results are negative, can release them from quarantine early. Test to release kits from Medicspot is currently one of the most popular options and can turn around tests on a next-day basis for a day 6 release.

The Balearic Islands were downgraded from the Amber List to the Green List on 30th June. From 4 am on that date, no quarantine upon return is required unless a day 2 test presents as positive.

Entry requirements to Spain

Entry requirements to SpainBefore traveling to any region or territory of Spain, all passengers travelling by air or sea must complete an online Health Control Form to declare their viral status and give their contact details. Anyone who has not done this, or not completed a paper version of the form prior to boarding their designated travel, will be refused entry to the country.

From 1st July, the Spanish government is only permitting arrivals from the UK if they are able to provide a negative Covid-19 test result or proof of full vaccination upon entry. The test result must be a privately sourced PCR, TMA, LAMP, or NEAR test, and the vaccination proof must be a proper NHS record and not simply a vaccination card. Full details of these and any further entry requirements were announced on 30th June.

PPE regulations in Spain

PPE regulations in SpainSince March, it has been mandatory to wear a mask in any public area; both indoors and outdoors, but this is currently in a phased change period. From the end of June, this will only be a legal requirement whereby a 1.5m social distancing rule cannot be adhered to. Everyone must have at least one mask on them at all times when in public in order to wear one as and when it may be required.

The Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Scheme does not apply in Spain, and neither do many medical exemptions we accept here in the UK. Should you have a condition that restricts you from wearing a mask for longer than a few minutes, you should seek medical and legal advice before departing. Private businesses may refuse entry to anyone without a mask even if they are exempt, and anecdotally, this is not uncommon in most of Spain at present.

Over 50% of the Spanish population have now had one ‘jab’ of their vaccination, and the UK’s inoculation program is also rolling out well. We appear to be back to international travel as standard fairly soon, but for now, we are encouraged to respect the rules, and always travel safely.

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