How Long Does SEO Take?

how long does it take for seo to take effect

How long does SEO take? This is a question that crosses the minds of many who are hiring an SEO agency.

They want some sort of certainty about when they will see results. This is reasonable, but you need to know that SEO isn’t easy to calculate. There are many factors that affect its speed, such as:

  • how old your website is,
  • how much SEO has been implemented before,
  • how is it doing now,
  • how much content it has,
  • how good its link profile is, and many more.

Two different websites will never be on the same starting point, even if they’re in the same niche, of the same age, and are targeting the exact same market. But usually, a company offering professional SEO services will give you an estimate of when your project will get off the ground. The general scenario in the initial months is usually as follows:

1st month – Strategy Formulation 

This is the very first phase of all optimization where your SEO company will learn about the characteristics of your website and perform research to formulate the right strategy and keywords for it. Once proper planning has been established, they will begin making changes to your site in the first month. However, it’s also possible that strategy formulation takes more than a month.

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2nd month – Putting the Strategy Into Action 

Technical optimization begins, meaning your SEO agency will begin to modify your website so they can implement the seo services UK that are required. Sometimes this stage requires a site makeover to get the desired results. At the same time, an ideal link profile is also being built to accelerate the progress.

3rd month – Stepping Up Content Creation

 Content creation is done by publishing blog posts, articles, FAQs, product and company information. You want your website to have as much content as possible so that it’s more worthy of ranking naturally. This will also make the site more optimizable since SEO is generally more compatible with content-rich websites.

4th month – Continued Content Creation 

Content creation is intensified accompanied by advanced optimization whereby your professional SEO services ensure the development of a good link profile. In this phase, selections are also made to filter out low-quality links. By this month you could see an organic improvement from the efforts made by your SEO agency, although the results aren’t as great as they will be after 12 months. But the point is, you can see SEO starting to work.

how long does seo take to work

5th month – Socialization 

In the fifth month or even before, you may have started linking your website with the social media accounts you manage to increase reach. This can help create a strong link profile and generate leads. At this point, you should also see significant traffic growth from SEO.

6th month – Conversion Rate Optimization 

If your website is getting at least 5000 visitors per month, then it’s time to optimize the conversion rate. This is the final phase where the focus is solely on converting your traffic into leads. So the job is now only to explore your creativity in producing high-quality content and promoting it. The exact activities can vary depending on the type of your website.


If you ask SEO agencies, many of them will say that SEO services UK takes at least 6 months before results begin to appear. This is the right answer, indeed, since winning the competition for a search query isn’t as simple as cooking instant noodles. In addition, it’s worth noting that SEO isn’t just about growing results, but also maintaining them.

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