What is Broken Link Checker

broken link checker

Usage of Broken link checker

Broken link checker is one of the free tools which is used in WordPress. That helps you to find all the broken links on your blog in the same way that highlight all the redirections. This is a WP plugin that checks all the URLs on your WordPress blog and gives the complete report about your blog’s broken an redirected links.

Once you have installed in the WordPress you can begin parsing your posts, bookmarks, and another content form your blogs. Based on the size of your website this can take from a few minutes up to an hour as I explained above.

How to use the broken link checker in WordPress

It is a WordPress plugin so you can install that plugin in WordPress. You have to select the plugin option in the dashboard and select add new plugin option on the left side of your WordPress options. Then you can able to see the plugin area. Type “Broken Link Checker” download and install the plugin and give active options in the plugin. So you can easily able to add the Broken Link Checker plugin to WordPress.

Usage of Broken link checker

It may take some time or hours or days to scan the WordPress website for broken links like internal links and also external links. That gives you a report on your blog.

To see the broken links you have to select the tools option in WordPress, then click on the broken links. You can able to understand by seeing the below image.

google broken link checker

Along with the broken links you can see the code status that will help you to determine if you have to update, unlink, or not take any action. You can select the work on updating the link instead of merely unlinking.

How to configure the settings

To configure the settings, you have to select the setting option and click on the link checker option. Now you can go to general and stop search engine bots from the broken links. The would-be highly recommend this page.

broken link checker

You can move to the looks for links in option on the top area, this plugin should crawl to find the broken links.

link checker

If you found the broken link what you need to do

Once the plugin runs, you are bound to find some broken links, so you can able to access the latest report under tools option in WordPress like broken links anytime. If you need to give comments you can select all of them and click on the unlike from the drop-down option.

Features of broken link checker

  • Monitors links on your pages, posts, comments, custom fields, and blog roll.
  • Detects links that don’t work on your blog, redirects, and missing images.
  • Notifies you via email or dashboard.
  • Makes broken links display directly in the optional post or blog.
  • Prevents search engine from optional broken links.
  • You can able to find by filter the links by URLs or anchor text and so on.

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