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AMP is abbreviated as Accelerated Mobile Pages. AMP is an open-source framework that was introduced as a joint initiative by Google and other technology and publishing companies. By AMP, it is really possible to create mobile sites that load almost instantly. There are many searches made from mobile devices that have overtaken desktop. The main goal of AMP is to create fast load times for mobile users.

AMP is a good idea, for smartphones. The benefit of Accelerated mobile pages, that will update algorithms meant to increase the load time for your website. Very slow down pages might be hidden in the search console, although minor ranking factor in the search engine, the load speed of a page can have other implications of the website page.

Search indexing AMP pages provides reliable and fast web experience. AMP gives as part of rich results and carousels. AMP is the ranking factor for your website, when the user searching information in mobile devices AMP helps to get speed on websites.

Web Page speed impacts the bounce rate

Speed is an important thing for measuring the bounce rate for web pages on mobile. There are primarily considered two facets for mobile website bounce rates.

  • DOM ready time
  • Full-page load time

Google AMP provides many benefits for us. Even though that has little potential drawbacks.

A boost to search engine optimization – The main benefit of AMP provides which is that will boost the speed of your page. When your page speed is a little critical factor, which comes to your SERPs, that will help you to make your website more visible.

An enhanced user experience – Google AMP which makes user friendly mobile web pages. That will help you to avoid these pitfalls.

Increase server performance – It decreases the bandwidth usage for the images without affecting the image quality.

How to set up AMP by using WordPress plugins in WordPress?

To set the AMP for your website you can install the WordPress AMP plugin. They will be proceeding with either of the following methods. The recommended you back up your WordPress website.

The AMP plugin is a most excellent tool to your WordPress, you can able to set up AMP for your WordPress website easily and quickly.

The very first step is to Go to the WordPress dashboard, so there you can able to find the option “Plugin” on the left side of the dashboard. When you click on the plugin option you can find the Add new option. Once you have selected the add new option you can see the plugin’s page. There are many plugins that are available.

If you need to find the AMP plugin, go to the search option on the right top area, you can give as AMP and give enter. So you will able to find the AMP Plugin. Then you have to install and activate the AMP plugin.

To navigate the plugin you can select the appearance –AMP tab in the dashboard. That will bring you to AMP customized page.

What is AMP

Here you can able to see the display and preview any changes before you make your website live. You can adjust your link, text, and color of your background.

And, you can also set your post or pages. If you need to add both on display on WordPress, you can. To do this, just go back to the WordPress dashboard and got o the AMP-> general.

What is the use of AMP

If once you have checked the boxes under the post type support option, and click on the save changes option.

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