Top Workplace Safety Benefits of First Aid Training Courses for Employers and Employees

Top Workplace Safety Benefits of First Aid Training Courses for Employers and Employees

According to recent reports in the general media most UK workers are confident that their job does not put their health or safety at risk. UK businesses are expected to have a health and safety policy in place to keep their staff safe, followed up with a regular first aid risk assessment. here we give you top first aid training courses.

However, sadly many workers are still being injured or fall ill at work.

As per Health and Safety Executive (HSE), 147 workers die at work, and more than 581,000 suffer an injury every year. This leads to higher costs for businesses and the economy, with more than 28.2 million working days lost annually. Hence, there is a huge need for businesses to equip their employees with valuable practical first aid skills through professional first aid training.

The workplace can seem like a safe place, but there are risks you would not think of as accidents can happen at any time, anywhere. And if employers do not have the appropriate training in place, they are unable to control the situation.

It is a legal requirement of the British Health and Safety Law that employers must provide a level of first aid training to ensure that employees receive immediate attention to stay healthy and safe.

As an employer, you should know the reasons why you should arrange regular/annual First Aid Training Courses for employees and their benefits to both employers and employees.

What Are Your Legal First Aid Training Courses Requirements as a UK Business?

What Are Your Legal First Aid Training Courses Requirements as a UK BusinessThe Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulation 1981 states that companies need to make first aid provisions to operate legally. Employers in the UK must provide a level of first aid with adequate equipment, facilities, and personnel to handle any emergency in the workplace.

As per HSE, all workplaces must have:

  • A first aid kit should cover equipment for treating all illnesses and injuries.
  • An appointed first aider/s with appropriate first aid training.
  • Knowledgeable resources for employees highlighting first-aid arrangements.
  • Conducting Health and Safety checks of the site to be reported annually.

High-hazard workplaces need one appointed first aider for every 50 workers. However, the figure rises to 100 people in low-hazard workplaces.

Having first aid training and procedures up to date is crucial for saving a life and handle accidents quickly and efficiently at the workplace. Though providing first aid training courses to employees increases initial cost but having trained and skilled staff can help prevent accidents and provide instant treatment to the injured, thus saving your business money.

How do Employers benefit from First Aid Training Courses?

How do Employers benefit from First Aid Training CoursesIntroducing first aid training at work is a precious investment that could help your enterprise prosper in the future. Many emergency service providers offer first aid training courses for employers and businesses in the UK and they offer a variety of types of training depending on the requirements of the workplace.

1. Improves Company Reputation

Health and safety are the key areas that create positive perceptions of your brand. Companies that provide a safe work environment are more likely to be trusted by both staff and the public.

By providing first aid training to employees, employers can show their workforce that they care about them and this can be used as an excellent team-building exercise and morale booster.

2. Reduces the Chance of HSE Investigation

Under Reporting of Injuries, Disease, and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations (RIDDOR), the HSE must send agents to inspect serious employee injuries and deaths on your grounds. Their aim is to find out whether your firm is following the regulations pertaining to workplace safety. If you have ignored or broke any of the regulations, then you can be liable for fines and even imprisonment.

Hence, first aid training can help both in your defence and alleviate injury when it occurs.

3. Reduces Lost Productivity

Employers who care about the well-being of their employees will build positive relationships, resulting in higher morale amongst employees, a more enthusiastic work environment, and help increase productivity. Therefore, maintaining health and safety is essential from the perspective of productivity.

How do Employees Benefit from First Aid Training Courses?

How do Employees Benefit from First Aid Training CoursesLike many businesses, introducing first aid training can help employees stay safe even outside of work if they have protocols in the workplace.

1. Saves Lives

First aid training will teach employees life-saving techniques, that can help them act confidently and immediately in an emergency. There are certain incidents that can threaten the life of employees. Some risks such as choking, heart attacks, strokes, poisonings, allergic reactions, etc that people in the workplace face every day could lead to death if left ignored.

Data shows that approx. 59 per cent of workplace deaths could have been prevented if appropriate first aid is given at right time. Therefore, first aid training is an essential pillar to cutting your risk.

2. Gives Employees a Sense of Confidence and Pride

Everyone wants their workplace to be safe from the minute they enter the premises in the morning to the moment they leave. If employees have do not feel comfortable at their office or place of work and worry that their health is at risk, this will cause a lack of trust in management and hence higher rates of absenteeism.

Therefore, first aid training is a great public relations tool that helps employees feel a sense of confidence and pride at their workplace.

3. Safety while Working alone

First aid training help employees learn how to properly use first aid kits and react actively during an emergency. These skills can provide safety to employees while working alone and are also helpful for providing first aid to others.

So, it is important to assign the responsibility of keeping the first aid kit to an individual in the workplace and that designated employee should be trained in first aid to know how to use the contents of the kit effectively.

Thus, in summary, first aid is a precious investment that every business can make. Despite all these benefits of first aid, we must never, prioritise money over life.

If any medical emergency occurs or an employee meets an injury, it is important for a first aider to be present and handle the situation effectively to ensure safety is maintained. Hence, it is essential to provide the knowledge and training of first aid in the workplace.

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