4 Benefits You Should Provide To Keep Employees Healthy

Top 4 Benefits of Healthy Employees

As an employer, offering great benefits will help to bring in the best employees possible.

When a company looks after their staff, they are so much more likely to give their all back to the company. The investment required to provide these employee benefits will be beneficial in the long run, as staff will be healthier and happier.

Try introducing these four benefits and you are likely to see improvements in your team!

Gym Membership

Paying for your employee’s gym membership is a fantastic way to encourage them to stay healthy. You could either pay for the full gym membership no matter the cost or it is probably better to say you will pay a set amount for everyone’s membership, for example up to £30 a month.

Gym Membership

The benefits of attending the gym are endless, as it can help with people’s mental health, reduce the chance of suffering from chronic conditions and increase employee happiness. When people are generally healthier, they will take fewer sick days, meaning your investment will definitely be worth it long term.

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Providing fresh fruit and vegetables to the staff at work will encourage them to make healthier choices, rather than providing biscuits or chocolate. There are so many benefits to providing fruit and veg, such as them being a fantastic source of nutrients, they can support healthy gut function, encourage a healthy diet, and they can increase people’s energy.

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

You could have a small wellness station with fruit and veg in a bowl, smoothies in a fridge, and multivitamin tablets that employees can pick and choose from. It might seem like a significant investment; however, it is likely that it will benefit the company long term. Perhaps speak to employees and see what they might like to have so you know things will not go to waste.

Flexible Working

Offering employees freedom when it comes to working can be important for people’s mental health. Not everyone works to the best of their ability from 9 am-5 pm, so giving freedom is advised. You could say to employees that if they complete their contracted hours, or they reach their targets for the month, you don’t mind when or where they work.

Flexible Working

People could work longer hours for four days a week, they could start, and finish work later or they could work shorter hours as long as they fulfill the needs of their job role. Working from home should also be given as an option, especially for people who have a long commute, as their work-life balance will be much healthier. Again, speak to employees and come to an agreement about what would work for them and also what would work for the company.

Good Amount of Holiday Days

Giving employees a good amount of holiday days is essential for physical and mental health. Most workers in the UK are entitled to at least 28 days of holiday a year, including bank holidays. Yet, if you go above and beyond this, employees are likely to be happier, more well-rested and they will be more motivated to work hard during their time at work if they know they are being rewarded for it with time off.

Good Amount of Holiday Days

Perhaps give employees 25 days off plus bank holidays and increase that by one day for every year of service. This will not only give employees a good rest, but it will also encourage long-term careers in the company, which is, of course, a benefit as an employer.

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it! Four benefits that you can provide to keep your employees healthy, and more importantly, happy. Providing a gym membership, fresh fruits and vegetables, flexible working, and a good number of holidays should encourage a healthy lifestyle to ensure your team is stronger than ever!

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