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Many bloggers wonder how they can write an article that ranks well on search engines so that they can drive more traffic to their website.

After all, a blog can only grow and be successful, if it attracts a wide audience. And this is key to monetizing a blog as most affiliate programmes, placed ads programmes, guest posting services rely on a high number of visitors.

So, how can you write a blog that ranks high on search engines and sends the right target audience to your website? Find out with some expert blogging tips.

Create a list post

Readers only skim through articles these days without paying too much to the details. List posts provide readers with an overview of the most important points. They can cover anything and list products, services, companies, ideas, quotes etc. They are a real money maker in blogging, because it is easy to cover many relevant keywords in them as well as make the article attractive for other names to be mentioned, which they are happy to pay for if it ranks highly.

SEO success factors in the form of short and precise sentences containing the main information presented in bullet points, using relevant keywords repeatedly, are the key to rank and bank. This is what makes most readers stick around until the end of the blog.

However, it is important to remember that you write for humans and not robots, so composing a well-structured blog post will get readers not only to find your post, but to finish, share and love it.

5 quick tips to structure your list post well:

  • Write a catchy title

    A title should make readers more curious and encourage them to click on your blog’s URL to read the full article. It should be between 50 and 60 characters long and contain adjectives targeting emotions. Avoid keyword stuffing in the title and carefully select the keywords as you’d want to go for the ones that have a low keyword difficulty.

  • Make the introduction attractive

    The intro should be short and sweet. It should tell your readers what exactly they will find in your post. You can add questions you have come across in your keyword research to make your visitors more likely to read the full blog and find answers to their problems. For example, “Do you want to increase web traffic? We’ll walk you through some effortless ideas of driving more visitors to your website”.

  • Add examples and illustrations

    Readers love to know how they can relate to your blog. So, if your blog is about dieting tips for weight loss, provide an example of your customer’s journey through images, videos, posts or whatever content you have to share.

  • Close with a conclusion

    Write a summary that explains how your blog post can offer solutions to the problems of your readers and add a call to action at the end, e.g. something they can do, start, get etc.

Your future visitors search for a query in your niche on Google and other search engines. If you want them to find yours, you have to look at your competitors as well and try to write a unique piece with an angle none of them have covered so far.

They look for relevant and authentic answers to their problems and if they find them on your blog, it will certainly attract many more readers in no time.

The idea is to keep your readers engaged and come back for more, so communicating with them through your blog effectively is vital. Search engines also measure the loading speed of your blog site, which impacts your ranks too. So make sure your website is up to scratch.

Once you have achieved that and you see the number of visitors climbing, you’re ready to get into monetizing your blog.

This can be very challenging and there are various monetization strategies out there. However, you will have to identify the right ones for your blog. You can take the Blog For Profits course at SeekaHost University to learn about such strategies, which tools to use and how your blog can generate a passive income at some stage.

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